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Combining years of research experience with the latest technology, the research solutions provided by MRNI Research are delivered using the most modern equipment and software to produce fast, accurate and high quality research results across Ireland by any one or a combination of the following methods:

One Platform
Our online, telephone and face to face methodologies use the same suite of software thus offering the ability to efficiently integrate multiple methodologies for single research projects.

Analysis and Reporting
MRNI recognises the importance of having excellent data processing services in-house. Data preparation and analysis are an integral part of our full service offering. We can provide all elements of data processing from data collection and data entry to coding and tabulation. The key to good research is that results can be communicated in a manner which is easily understood. Any analysis we undertake is designed with the specific objective of leading to actionable conclusions.

Get in touch 

If you are interested in any of the above services please contact us: 

Alan Leitch 

Managing Director 


telephone: 078025 20019

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